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The Beatnik history can be traced back to the steamy coffee shops and poetry dens of Soho, in New York's Greenwich Village. Today, the Beatnik legacy lives on in four young men from Seattle who adhere to the ideology that music is more than a mere background for our lives. They perform the music of the 60's and 70's with an energy and passion you won't find anywhere else.

Since their debut in 1991, The Beatniks have been pleasing audiences ranging in age from eight to eighty with their high-energy classic sound and vigorous stage presence. With over 2,000 performances since their inception, they have headlined shows that have drawn crowds of 20,000 people (Seattle Space Needle, New Year's Eve), and have proven to be the largest draw in Seattle, consistently selling out every venue they play. The boys have performed in the Kingdome (Mariners' postgame concert), were the featured act for Detlef Schrempf's Celebrity Golf CIassic Gala, the featured act for the Bite of Seattle and the Taste of Edmonds (where they were sponsored by MTV), and Seafair Ball. They were chosen by Bruce Willis to perform the grand opening of his club, The Mint, in Sun Valley. All the top corporations including: Microsoft, Intel, Merix, The Bon, Seafirst Bank, AT&T, Costco, and many more choose the Beatniks to perform for their company parties.

The Beatniks have also been the focus of both local and national press acclaim, with the Seattle Times proclaiming the Beatniks "the biggest band in town" in terms of gross popularity, and Seventeen Magazine hailing the band's ability to entrance audiences of all ages. The attention from the press has generated requests for shows from all over the West, sending the boys as far from home as the Hard Rock Cafe in Cancun, Mexico, where they "played to difficult audiences... (and) injected the entire restaurant with a rare enthusiasm." The Beatniks have received kudos from virtually every organization they have played for, from nightclubs to private parties, praising their professionalism and non-stop energy both on and off the stage. This energy is not only emoted through their music, but also in their humor, intensity and spontaneity, as they are able to play practically any song the audience requests, even if they have never attempted to perform it before.

The Beatniks, are a rarity – not often does a band come along that is able to do everything right, and do it near perfection as well. In true Beatnik tradition, these boys will provide the feel and soul of an era long erased from our calendars, but not from our memories.
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