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Barbara Lusch has raised the bar! Ms. Lusch’s second release reveals a first-class vocalist at the top of her game. Surprisingly Good For You is not surprisingly great.
–Phil Stout, JazzRadio Berlin, Music Choice, 2007

Barbara Lusch has made an album [Surprisingly Good For You] that is sure to please. Barbara Lusch brings a rare intimacy to a selection of tunes mainly from the “etched in stone” standards category.
–George Fendel, Jazzscene, 2007

One thing Lusch does differently involves her delivery… delivering her creamy vocals with an unusually crisp articulation that commands attention. …Lusch’s voice coats the listener in a sheen the texture of lip gloss.
–Eric Bartels, Portland Tribune, 2007

Barbara Lusch has strengths that would be the envy of any singer. Lusch’s clear, limpid voice… com[es] across with warmth and intimacy…
…her articulation is precise, her intonation on target. It's no accident that Lusch is one of the area's busiest vocalists. The appeal of her animated interpretations of this material remains popular 50 years after it first appeared.
–Lynn Darroch, The Oregonian, 2006

Just when you think the crowded female vocalist category has reached the point of no return, along comes the fantastic voice of Barbara Lusch. This talented lady’s self-titled debut CD is a real revelation. …a knockout from start to finish.
–Phil Stout, JazzRadio Berlin, Music Choice, 2006

Lusch isn’t one to settle for ordinary.
…she sings with a deeply sensual vibrancy that gets right to the heart of the matter. One listen and you may feel as if you’ve known Barbara Lusch all your life.
–Jim Santella, All About Jazz, 2006

…this singer has created a solo identity that’s two parts classy, one part coy, with a splash of seduction and a twist of wit.
–Marty Hughley, The Oregonian, Arts & Entertainment, 2005

Like any good flirt, Barbara Lusch knows the value of timing, confidence, and perhaps most important, playfulness. If you’re looking for… sophisticated, classic, true entertainment, you couldn’t ask for more.
–Barbara Mitchell, Portland Tribune, Weekend! Life, 2005

…she can win over even the most casual listener with ease.
–Joerg Michael Smitt, Soul Site.de Germany, 2004

With her smoky mezzo-soprano singing voice that embraces Julie London’s overt sensuality, Peggy Lee’s cool, even Doris Day’s sense of playfulness, it’s not hard to get carried along by the familiar tunes filling her debut self-titled solo album.
…it’s her animated voice and the songs’ underlying meanings that give these tunes their spark.
–Scott D. Lewis, The Oregonian Arts & Entertainment, 2004

The powerful presence felt in her performance is one of a veteran singer.
–Taisuke Sato, Swing Journal, Japan, 2004

…pure, relaxed and alluringly breathy at times. She plays the chanteuse in a retro sense, channeling a blend of voices like Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday and Rosemary Clooney…
…a delicious sense of timing, drawing the listener in like a siren, with a delivery that sways sexily behind the beat.
–Kyle O’Brien, Jazzscene, 2004

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