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The spice of life and more; simply the necessity. The Cubs are still Portland's premiere variety band for wedding receptions and corporate events.

Swing, Jazz, Motown, '50's,'60's, '70's, Rock & Roll have been our trademark for years and we love them all.

Reception evenings often begin with background and/or dinner music, jazz or standards, and progress until they're dancin' their hearts out.

Concerts of course are a different story. Here it's high-powered energy from beginning to end. We present a different show every year. This years Opus is Jump-Swing in the newer style that's everywhere right now. Take heart all you traditionalists, however, we still perform our ever popular standards, ballads, and classic Swing repertoire.

The Swing Show
Our newest presentation is a Swing Show that features Jump Swing as well as newly arranged Swing from the 30's, '40's and '50's.Tunes include the always popular Sinatra hits, as well as Louis Prima, Louis Jordan, Keely Smith, Peggy Lee, and even Tito Mambo. We also play some tunes by Royal Crown Review, Brian Setzer and the Daddies as well as our own originals which we hope to see climbing the charts in the near future. We also feature Carrie & Guy, exhibition Swing Dancers and Instructors. What a package!

A Few of Our Favorite Repeat Clients
Portland Trailblazers, Bite Festival, Oregon Symphony Assn., Reed College, Waverly C.C., Town Club, Boys and Girls Aid Society, Parry Ctr., L.P.G. A., Jakes, Komen Foundation, Race for the Cure, Brim & Assoc., Radisys, M.A.C., Rose Festival, O.H.S.U., Pumpkin Ridge G.C., American Cancer Society, P.O.V.A., Windermere, Young Presidents Organization, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Nordstrom, Hellenic Society, U of O, ICI, Galleria, American Heart Assn., Portland Art Museum, Wacom, Dornbecher, AND MANY MANY MORE!

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Swingline Cubs
PO Box 19145   •   Portland, OR 97280   •   503 228 3620   •   fax 503 228 0480   •  andy@pacifictalent.com

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